Keeping Kids Happy and Cool

Summer is here and so too is the heat. If you are like me, you are probably wondering where to take your little one to escape the heat of the day.  My local town, Sonoma offers many fun and educational options.  Your town probably offers similar options.

Local libraries are the way to go. Books area always a good idea, and on certain days the library offers special activities for kids, such as story time.   In Sonoma, the 10:30 a.m. time slot is designated for toddlers and 11:30 a.m. is for preschoolers. If they’re not into the reading mood, remind them the library rents movies as well.

Another idea is to pay a visit to one of the local children stores.   Here in Sonoma, the Toy Shop and Pet Store are located in the Marketplace shopping center (201 W. Napa St.), and the Corner Store is on Napa Street near First Street East. Grab a shovel or new toy for your next visit to the park, or stop by the Pet Store to see some house friendly pets. I highly recommend the fish – very low maintenance.

Art galleries and museums are another tantalizing treat for young eyes.  Sonoma also has many small art galleries or the larger museum. The Sonoma Valley Museum of Art provides another chance to do something educational. Enjoy the air conditioning and coffee while the rugrats get cultured. Tickets are only $5 per adult, and kids are free. Everyone is free on Wednesdays.

Child-based discovery centers are another source of cool fun.  For Sonomans wanting to get out of town, then the discovery center in Napa, Scientopia Learning Center, is a great option.  Scientopia offers science, math and art based activities for little ones. Most importantly, Scientopia is also air conditioned.

I hope you found some of these ideas helpful. Feel free to weigh in and mention your favorite summer activities in the comment section. In the meantime, good luck staying cool and be sure to check back for more ideas on staying cool during summertime.


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