Discovering A Natural Baby Pool

Having visited Salmon Creek beach many times in high school, the beach took on new meaning last week when I introduced the beach to my 22 month old son, Bobby.  This trip was different from my past days at the beach when my friends and I would spend hours just basking in the sun.  Having swapped my walkman for sand toys and my baby oil for sunblock (and to be honest having brought two additional bags of kid stuff just in-case), I felt armed for fun!

Parking at the parking lot at the north end of the beach past the Ranger Station was ideal.  The restrooms and two trails descending to the beach ensured a great start.  In addition, the parking lot was full of surfers which proved to be entertaining for Bobby’s young eyes.  Frankly, he would have been happy just hanging out in the parking lot saying hello to everyone and watching the surfers gear up.

We ventured down to the beach via the trail by the restrooms.  Part of this trail was a bit washed away, which proved tricky to maneuver while carrying Bobby.  The walk down reminded me that in addition to waves, Salmon Creek beach houses another amazingly kid friendly attraction – a shallow pool of calm water.

So, we set up our picnic blanket right by that natural baby pool.  This calm pool provided yards of shallow peaceful water for Bobby to explore.  He discovered kelp, rocks and even floating sticks.  At one point he sat down in the water and used one of the sticks to make some natural beats on a wooden log.

The pool had an additional benefit.  The sand around it was wet making it perfect for building sandcastles.   He spent over an hour just playing in the wet sand, creating and destroying castles and having fun.

After hours of play, Bobby was good and tired so we started the journey back to Sonoma.  Of course, we didn’t make it far before we stopped.  The pink and white striped building called to me.  So, as usual, we made a pit stop at Patricks Saltwater Taffy.  Seriously, for taffy lovers this place sells the best salty sweetness you’ve ever tasted.  And, they give samples.  I highly recommend the caramel and peach flavored taffy.

After a day of sun and sugar, we ventured back to Sonoma.  Passing picturesque farmland along the way.  It was definitely a day to remember!


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