When It’s Time for Portraits, Check Out Local Sonoma Photographers

As a mom, I am constantly amazed by how quickly Bobby changes from day to day.  It seems like one day he was an infant and the next a bouncing toddler.  Now he’s transitioning from toddler to preschooler.   How does a parent capture these changes?  Photos are one way.

If you’re like me, your camera is probably as close as your nearest diaper bag.  Sometimes it may be time to enlist the help of a professional.  Sonoma is a treasure chest full of talented photographers who also double as local moms and dads!  So before heading to the big city to get those portraits, try out one of these amazingly talented photographers.

Adam Traum

When photographing children and families, Adam Traum draws on his news background to capture special moments that will endure for years.  Adam has been a professional photographer since 1991 and comes from a photojournalism background.  He has worked for a number of weekly and daily newspapers and freelanced for the Washington Post, New York Times, USA Today and the San Francisco Chronicle, to name a few.   Adam’s website is www.adamtraum.com, and email:  amtraum@earthlink.net

Allyson Wiley

Award-winning photographer, Allyson Wiley captures the spirit of children and families by creating a safe and fun environment where children’s personalities can be showcased. A mother herself, Allyson strives to capture the unique personalities of those she is photographing.  Her style combines the use of natural and studio lighting, as well as a mix of black and white and color images.  Past clients have remarked, “Allyson Wiley is a fantastic photographer and we were extremely satisfied with her work and were amazed at how fabulous the photos turned out. She is very creative behind the lense and had innovative ideas. I would highly her and will definitely be using her again in the future.” Allyson’s website is www.AllysonWiley.com, and email is info@allysonwiley.com

Gregory Goode

With over twenty years in the photography business, photographer Gregory Goode loves capturing the essence of the individual.  With a portfolio including Nelson Mandela’s election and the end of apartheid in South Africa, Victoria Secret models and Robert Kennedy Jr., Gregory Goode holds impressive credentials to capture even the littlest and most challenging subjects.

His work is regularly featured in Architectural Digest, GQ, The NY Times Magazine, In Style and O magazine among many others.  Gregory’s website is www.gregorygoode.com , phone:  (917) 446-8177.

Rebecca Gosselin

Ever since Rebecca became a mom, she became very much aware how special it was to capture them in a photo.   Her style is to capture the sweetness of babies and children whether it includes bringing in props, simply documenting the kiddos being kids, or bringing the whole family into the photo.  Each session is different and customized to the individual child from newborns on up.  Rebecca’s website is: http://www.rebeccagosselin.com; E-mail: info@rebeccagosselin.com.

Sharon Neves

As a mom of 3 (almost 6, almost 4 and almost 3) with number 4 coming in March, Sharon has been in business for 3 years and loves photographing children.  She loves to capture fun, playful and candid moments.  She also enjoys capturing the serious and shy moments as well.  She aims to create portraits where the personalities shine through.   Sharon’s website is: www.sharonneves.com

article now available at: http://www.sonomanews.com/News-2011/When-its-time-for-portraits-check-out-local-Sonoma-photographers/


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