Eight Steps to Simplify Your Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can sometimes mean endless things to do, including trips to the grocery store. All of this busy clutter can get in the way of what is really important – spending time with friends and family.

Of course having kids makes shopping even more exciting. If you’re like me, you might want to be as efficient as possible. So, here are eight ways to simplify your holiday:

• Plan out your meal and shopping trips today.

• Purchase non-perishable items during your next trip to the store. Doing so will minimize the time that you spend in the store the days before the big event.

• Consider preordering parts (or all) of your meal. Is it really worth making that pie from scratch when there are amazing local options at affordable prices? Studebaker Cheesecake makes a pumpkin cheesecake that is to die for.

• Save money by purchasing private label brands.

• Minimize trips out of town by taking advantage of local pricing. For example, Whole Foods has their private line of goods called 365, which is comparable to prices at Trader Joes, while also meeting higher quality standards. Whole Foods 365 foods will have no artificial ingredients or hydrogenated fats, so it makes shopping quicker as you won’t have to read the labels as closely.

• Look for local deals. Local grocery stores run specials. For example, Whole Foods runs a weekly one-day sale on Fridays.

• If you intend to cook, make a schedule. There are lots of things you can do days before Thanksgiving to lessen the amount to do on Thanksgiving day itself. For example, you can make pie dough, and some sauces including cranberry days in advance.

• Lastly, delegate. If you are hosting, ask folks to bring a dish along to share. After all there’s no reason to be a superwoman this holiday and do it all yourself (you’re already a super parent).

Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble Gobble.


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