Family Friendly New Year’s Traditions

As the ball drops, hopefully your little ones will be fast asleep gaining much energy for a fun New Year’s Day. Why not try a few family friendly traditions on New Year’s Day? Here are 10 ideas:

  1. · Have a New Year’s toast with sparkly juice
  2. · Make your own special ball drop with a bunch of balloons
  3. · Bang pots and pans
  4. · Dance to a special song
  5. · Draw some pigs, as pigs are said to represent progress. Or, borrow the Austrian tradition of decorating your table with candy shaped like pigs.
  6. · Plant some seeds. As kids get older, get their ideas about what wishes they want the seeds to represent
  7. · Reorganize some of the kids toys and pick a few to give away to a local charity
  8. · Enjoy some special dishes that are said to bring luck and prosperity through the New Year. For example, southerners enjoy black-eyed peas and collard greens to ensure luck through the new year
  9. · Borrow a Spanish tradition and enjoy 12 grapes representative of the 12 months of the year
  10. · Burn a bayberry candle. Burn it all day, when it is burnt out, it is said to bring luck for the New Year. If you don’t have a Bayberry Candle, go visit Cornerstone – Tesoro sells them

Have a wonderful New Years!


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