Trading Pumps for Pumas

We moved recently.   And in the boxes lie my collection of stiletto heels.  Beautiful leathers, bows of all sorts, silks, cheetah prints, sparkly bobbles – ohh the days of past.  Those shoes will probably stay in their boxes for awhile as I’ve swapped them with some sporty pumas equipped for running after energetic boys, climbing trees and exploring zoos.  Yes, mom shoes.

The funny thing is that more than my choice in shoes has changed these days.  My boys have turned me into a bit of a tomboy.  It may have started with trading my pumps for pumas, but honestly I think it started before that. There’s something about just needing to dress boys in jeans and vintage t-shirts that puts life into a different perspective.  I must say life is much much more full.  After all, who doesn’t love chasing dump trucks or waiting for the garbage truck to arrive?  For moms of boys, garbage day is akin to the superbowl.  Thank goodness garbage day is weekly rather than yearly!

Embracing this transition is fun.  Sure, I may not be sporting three inch heels and feminine apparel on a daily basis, but you know I am sporting two life loving bustling boys.  Nothing can compare to that.


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