Inexpensive Toddler Ornament Craft, Family Heirloom & Christmas Gift

The other day, Bobby and I decorated our tree.  Amongst the nutcrackers, silver balls and bells, there were special ornaments to hang.  These glass snowballs were made by Bobby’s handprints from past years.  He was so excited to learn that he made these treasured ornaments.  Now, everyday he goes to admire those ornaments.  He points to them with such pride and says “i did it.”  This year we’ll be making some for CJ too.

These little ornaments also make treasured family heirlooms and affordable gifts.  For us, we’ll be making these same ornaments every year.

With a few supplies you can make them too!  My color scheme is white and silver.  So, I bought clear glass ball ornaments and decorated them with little sparkly white handprints.  You can also do the same thing with other glass ornaments – red, silver, etc.  Just think of a color scheme you want through the years.

All you need are paintable glass ornaments (I get mine from JoAnn’s Fabrics & Crafts), acrylic paint, a sponge paintbrush and DecoArt Glamour Dust.   Before starting make sure your little one is wearing clothes that you don’t mind being decorated with paint, get your supplies ready, and go!

  • Squeeze acrylic paint onto a paper plate or something.
  • Then apply paint to your child’s hand with the sponge paintbrush.
  • Help them carefully wrap their hand around the glass ball.
  • Repeat for as many times as you want ornaments.
  • Go wash your child’s hands immediately – acrylic paint comes off with soap and water.
  • After tot is all clean then sprinkle the Glamour Dust on Ornaments.
  • Let the ornaments dry for a few days.
  • Then use a Sharpe Pen to write initials and the year.
  • Enjoy, treasure and share your creation.

Happy crafting!

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