You Know You’re A Mommy When…

This morning I loaded up my two boys into the double running stroller, locked the front wheel put on Pandora and took all three of us for a run.  Yes, that’s 60 pounds of kids, plus the double stroller.  I was determined.  With the two boys protesting at first, I played Pandora from my phone.   With songs like Old MacDonald and the ABC’s, the playlist got me thinking about little daily realities that make life as a mommy funny to say the least.mommy america

So, here ya go.  You know you’re a mommy when:

  • Your running playlist includes a song like Old MacDonald
  • Dinosaur bites and quesadillas become health food
  • You open endless packages of treats to survive grocery shopping
  • You justify not showering, because you don’t have the time.  After all doesn’t naturally shiny hair rock?
  • Dance parties include the Hokey Pokey
  • A night out is an event
  • You’ll dress in superhero costumes to make your little one happy

And last but not least, you wouldn’t change any of the above for the world.


2 thoughts on “You Know You’re A Mommy When…

  1. Karly

    LOVE, love this. So true, and I find myself dressing up as a princess or cheerleader far more than I would like-but grasp it while you can. Oh what a crazy, amazing, fun ride parenting is.
    PS-we should for sure have dress-up day one of these days at the park.


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