The Mommy Diet

Today, my husband surprised me by coming home with a lovely lunch from my favorite taqueria. Although we had a talk about avoiding carbs, the smell of fresh tortilla chips and fresh tacos was too much to resist. That subtle crunch of the chips yet the light almost creamy flavor of the tortillas contrasted with the spicy grilled chicken and fresh salsa. Add salt and there is a symphony of delight! So much for my efforts to limit carbs!

Why is it that whenever I start dieting, I end up gaining weight? Clearly, it’s due to lunches like today. So I’m not a fan of dieting, maybe that’s why I’m eternally a size 10 (a generous size 10). There’s just something about snacking on peppers, celery and asparagus that’s not completely satisfying. Don’t get me wrong, I love fresh fruit and veggies, but they just don’t compare to my comfort foods — freshly made thick tortilla chips, dark chocolate or rich ice cream.

There’s something about the end of the day. After dealing with two rascally weasels, indulgent foods seem even more decadent. They call to me. It’s as if they soothe the soul.

Then the justification comes in. Well, if I walked for forty minutes and did a Pilates class, then a few crispy chips shouldn’t hurt right? Oops, make that a few handfuls. And if I ran XX miles, then can’t I have all of my favorite foods?

In my book the mommy diet has to allow for some sort of indulgence. Maybe not everyday, but from time to time. Sure there are theories like Body for Life, which allows for one day off, or more strict regimes like South Beach, but what works long term? I’m now looking for a diet that allows cheese, chocolate and occasional tortilla chips. Any suggestions?

What’s your trick? I’d love to hear.


4 thoughts on “The Mommy Diet

  1. Brian

    Hey! Cool blog! “Watch Forks Over Knives.” Then read “The China Study.” I’ve been doing better and better eating that way and the effects just keep getting better!

  2. Karly

    Love this-so true! At the end of the night you just want to give yourself that little treat!
    I eat light all day so I can enjoy a nice dinner and dessert 😉 And as know, pilates and running after the kids as much as possible! Always wishing I could fit in more…


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