Cooking Sonoma Style

From breast milk to veggies, food can be a challenge at times.  It is especially so when you want to inspire your children to have a diverse palate.  Here in Sonoma, there are so many wonderful flavors and fresh ingredients to play with.  They provide such perfect tools to build the budding foodie.

My two boys are completely different in their tastes.  My older son, Bobby has taken awhile to try different foods whereas my younger son, CJ, will eat anything (see my article about raising a foodie).  At the end of the day they both (hopefully) will be enjoying life Sonoma style – tasting local produce, cooking and food.

As I try to cultivate my children’s palates, I’ll share some tips and tricks.

Birthday Bash Baked Brie

Bobby Snacks

Cook with Pumpkin


Dining With An Eight Month Old

Feeding Sonoma Style

Milkshake the New Vegetable

Pizza Pizza

Pumpkin Milk

Pumpkin Waffles

Quick and Easy Enchiladas

Sonoma Slow Cooker Stew

Time-Saving Tip:  Cook With BabyFood Get Your Little One To Eat More Veggies Without Knowing It

Treasure Chest Scones


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