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Mommy Manifesto: Embracing Muddy Puddles & Chamomile Infused Banana Bread

photo(25) The struggle between pursing a career and mothering is intense.  For neither seem to be able to be accomplished with perfection simultaneously.  I personally decided to ease up on the career to dedicate myself to nurturing my two boys.  Working in a different capacity has enabled me to spend more time with my boys.  However, the cost of doing is definitely a detour from the traditional career path for women lawyers.  Although I own up to this decision, doing so hasn’t eliminated the tug of war between the two.

As the case may be, when the tug of war seems to lean towards career or when I question my decision, one of my boys will do something that reminds me of why this decision was so important.  The goal of maximizing my time with my boys always wins out.  But what I do with that time, and what I’m trying to cultivate with my boys is so important.  My mommy manifesto is to:

  • raise them with love, support and compassion
  • nurture their interests
  • let them explore
  • foster their natural curiosity
  • make them appreciate the world around them
  • photo(26)teach a respect for other living creatures
  • build confidence
  • let them feel free to discover their wings and fly as they wish
  • let them feel secure
  • help them connect to the world around them
  • experience beauty, music, sports, art
  • raise them with a goal of independence and independent thinking
  • teach them to embrace their weaknesses
  • appreciate their differences and learn that being different is a strength
  • try not to coddle
  • be accepting of messes, for what brings more fun than a muddy puddle? or a sandbox
  • seek environments for them that align with the above and minimize their exposure to environments that don’t

I’m not saying that doing the above is easy or that it happens everyday.  Take an example from the other day.  Bobby wanted to cook.  So, we decided to make banana bread.  As I turned my back, he dumped in some of his chamomile tea.  I really had no idea how much tea he dumped in, nor did it really matter. The fact that he did so, really irked me.  I was angry that he didn’t follow directions.

Then, I stepped back, took a breath.  Asking myself two questions put everything in perspective:  1) who cares, and 2) what does it matter.  After all, does it really matter how the bread turned out?  And could being a stickler in this instance stifle his creativity?  Who was I to judge? Maybe he was onto something.  Maybe chamomile tea would add an extra special element to banana bread.  Who was I to stop his creative process?  In the end, the bread was a little dry as it took longer to cook, but everyone loved it anyways.

So, I’ve learned my lesson.  Next time we do cooking experiments, I’ll be making two batters.  One for Bobby and one for me.

What’s your mommy manifesto?


The Mommy Diet

Today, my husband surprised me by coming home with a lovely lunch from my favorite taqueria. Although we had a talk about avoiding carbs, the smell of fresh tortilla chips and fresh tacos was too much to resist. That subtle crunch of the chips yet the light almost creamy flavor of the tortillas contrasted with the spicy grilled chicken and fresh salsa. Add salt and there is a symphony of delight! So much for my efforts to limit carbs!

Why is it that whenever I start dieting, I end up gaining weight? Clearly, it’s due to lunches like today. So I’m not a fan of dieting, maybe that’s why I’m eternally a size 10 (a generous size 10). There’s just something about snacking on peppers, celery and asparagus that’s not completely satisfying. Don’t get me wrong, I love fresh fruit and veggies, but they just don’t compare to my comfort foods — freshly made thick tortilla chips, dark chocolate or rich ice cream.

There’s something about the end of the day. After dealing with two rascally weasels, indulgent foods seem even more decadent. They call to me. It’s as if they soothe the soul.

Then the justification comes in. Well, if I walked for forty minutes and did a Pilates class, then a few crispy chips shouldn’t hurt right? Oops, make that a few handfuls. And if I ran XX miles, then can’t I have all of my favorite foods?

In my book the mommy diet has to allow for some sort of indulgence. Maybe not everyday, but from time to time. Sure there are theories like Body for Life, which allows for one day off, or more strict regimes like South Beach, but what works long term? I’m now looking for a diet that allows cheese, chocolate and occasional tortilla chips. Any suggestions?

What’s your trick? I’d love to hear.