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Setting the Leprechaun Trap: A Toddler Friendly St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is quickly approaching! There are so many fun ways to celebrate this holiday with kids. Here are a few things that will be happening around my house this year.

The night before, we’ll set out a trap for leprechauns. Who knows, we might catch one. When we go to check it, maybe there will be a little surprise waiting for Bobby.  Last year, the leprechauns left matchbox cars and green playdough.  This year, who knows?

The morning of St. Patty’s day, Bobby will enjoy a green breakfast. Spinach pancakes with milk that turns green. I’ll put a drop of green food coloring at the bottom of a glass. He’ll be amazed when I pour in the milk.  It’s like magic!

Later in the day, we will go hunt for leprechauns. Little green leprechaun footprints in the yard will keep his attention. Where will the footprints lead? Well, the leprechauns will have left little bags of chocolate coins. After all at Bobby’s house a holiday is synonymous with chocolate!

Of course, we’ll end the day with a festive meal of corned beef and soda bread.

That’s what we’re doing on St. Patty’s Day, what will you be doing? I’d love to know~

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Cheap & Easy Halloween Decorations

With Halloween in the air, it’s time to dress up with your home with ghosts and goblins.  Decorations are the perfect excuse to have some crafty fun!  There’s no need to break the bank.  So, here are a couple of ideas for decorations that are both easy and inexpensive.

Hanging Ghosts – Use your stash of plastic grocery bags to make ghosts.  Just buy some white trash can liners and a sharpe pen.  Draw eyes and a mouth on the plastic trash liner, then stuff with grocery bags.  Tie with a string or fishing line and hang in front of your house.  These ghosts will fly in the breeze and are weatherproof!

Lanterns – Make lanterns out of sandwich bags or old milk jugs.  Break out a sharpe pen and draw faces on them!  If using milk jugs cut a hole out of the bottom to put in the lights.  Use either a string of white lights or battery operated tea lights.

Window Silhouettes – All you need is black paper and a little imagination to decorate your windows.  Just cut festive shapes like cats, bats and witches, out of black construction paper and hang on the inside of your window.  If you’re low on construction paper, just paint anyother paper black and it will do the same thing.

Happy Halloween!