Let’s be real, aside from the day to day joys of being a parent, holidays are another special time to have fun.  Whether it is collecting eggs on Easter or decorating a tree around Christmas, holidays are a great opportunity to introduce kids to new things.

I’ll be sharing some ideas some crafty, some not, as the holidays come around.

Toddler Friendly St. Patty’s Day

Creating 4th of July Memories

Cheap and Easy Halloween Decorations

Pick A Pumpkin At A Local Patch

Planning for the Holidays

Pumpkin Patch Roundup

8 Steps to Simplify Thanksgiving

Holiday Activity Guide

2012 Family Friendly Holiday Guide

Ornaments With A Bit of History

Make Your Own Keepsake Impressions

Inexpensive Holiday Heirloom Craft

Family Friendly New Years

Foolproof Tips for Bday

A NonTraditional Birthday



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